Analysis Of The Book ' Land Of The Free And The Immigrant '

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In consummation America, the land of forgiveness, provided Amir with the basis to reach atonement due to his newfound maturity. Once Amir and Baba arrive in the United States of America, the emotional growth of Amir was unambiguous. From the time in which he mended relationships with the Nguyens after Baba attempted to steal oranges, to the time he accepted Rahim Khan’s request for him to come to Pakistan, Amir’s growth was conspicuous to readers once he began living in the United States of America. U.S. News’ article “Land of the Free … and the Immigrant,” authored by Mortimer B. Zuckerman states “It is a grand tradition in America to welcome foreigners to our shores, especially people with the ambition and the talent to contribute to our future. This has always been a part of the greatness of America, which we celebrated this past Independence Day.” Along these lines, one can deduce the ideology that America accepts immigrants with open arms, eager to incorporate them into the melting pot of America. Further, these arms do not discriminate, as past wrongdoings are absolved. Amir’s life in San Francisco is splendid and he quickly assimilates into the local community and the American way of life. Thus, after enduring the laborious, life threatening, Amir’s maturity had come to fruition, now that he has a platform to display his new character amidst adulthood. Moreover, America served as a blank slate for Amir. On the grounds of Afghanistan, Amir was smothered by guilt.

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