Analysis Of The Book Looking For Alaska

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“Looking for Alaska” was John Green's first novel written for young adults in the year 2005. The following year it won Printz award and became a bestseller. Green’s inspiration for the novel came from his own high school experiences at a boarding school. Green was able to implicate his own high school experiences and observation of what it was like at boarding school into the main characters life story. In an interview with John Green he explains that “ while the novel is fictional, the setting is not.Although the novel is fictional the characters are loosely based of similar people he attended high school with. “ Looking for Alaska” is a fictional novel that takes place at Culver Creek Preparatory high school in Alabama. It is about a high school junior who recently moved to Alabama, and would describe himself as “obsessed with last words”. As Miles has just moved to the new boarding school on the first night he is kidnapped by the “Weekend Warriors” also known as the rich kids of the school. Miles attracts a close net friend group, which are Chip, Takumi, and Alaska. Throughout the story Miles develops a close connection with Alaska while he tries to understand the famous “ last words” of Simon Bolivar. The story also revolves around the “boarding school experience” as it talks about how they would smoke,drink, and break the rules. Eventually Miles develops feelings for Alaska but she insists they aren't mutual because she loves her boyfriend,eventually she helps him
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