Analysis Of The Book ' The 104th Platoon Squad ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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"EEHHHHHHHHHHH?!" the 104th Trainees Squad shouted simultaneously, most were in disbelief while a few others were still skeptical about the Keyblade wielder’s story when they gathered inside the bunkhouse to listen to his explanation, involving him and the earlier incident.
Ash let out a huge exasperated sigh. He had a strong feeling that they were going to act this way, but he can’t blame them. His explanation about his backstory did sound a bit too farfetched to believe, even a certain hothead thought he was making the whole thing up about Keyblades, Heartless, and worlds just to hide his true motive.
Jean immediately stood up and pointed his finger in the Keyblade wielder’s direction, angrily. "Hey, what kind of crap are you trying to pull here?" An unamused frown plastered on the latter’s face at his outburst. "Do you seriously think we are going to buy into everything that came out from your mouth?" Ash stared at the hothead with narrowed eyes.
"Believe me or not, it’s the truth." he said truthfully.
Jean gritted his teeth and glared back.
"Come on, Jean-" Marco approached his best friend and placed a hand on his shoulder, drawing the latter’s attention to him. "-You need to calm down."
"Marco, you can’t be serious! You actually believed in all this crap?" Marco scratched his cheek sheepishly and smiled fretfully.
"Well, from what Ash has told us. It does make a whole lot of sense if you look at it." The latter tried to reason with his best friend with a smile.

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