Analysis Of The Book ' The Lost Hero '

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Title: The Lost Hero 1. Significance of the title: The book begins with Jason, one of the main characters, waking up in a school bus with no clue as to who he is. As the book progresses Jason joins a camp for demigods (offspring of a god and a mortal) and is chosen to lead a quest which makes him a hero. 2. Genre: Greek Mythology, Fantasy 3. Date of original publication: 10/12/10 4. Author: Rick Riordan 5. Setting (including: time span of the story, time period in which the story is set, and place[s] in which the story is set)
The book takes place in the 21st century. The main setting of the book is in modern USA. The story sets in Grand Canyon, Long Island, Quebec, Detroit, Chicago, Nebraska and California. The main characters travel to all these places in their search for Hera, queen of gods.
6. Importance of this setting (consider ideas/beliefs indicative of the time and possible symbolism)
In the beginning the main characters were in the Grand Canyon for a field trip. The vast, empty expanse of the Grand Canyon symbolizes the characters’ lack of awareness of the battles the demigods had against the monsters. Only once they came to Long Island, New York did the cold reality of the danger they were in sunk.
7. Plot (key conflicts and resolution, approximately 250 words) The story starts when Jason wakes up in the back of a school bus with no memory of where he is or who he is. He meets Piper McClean, who claims to be his girlfriend, and Leo Valdez, who claims to

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