Analysis Of The Book ' The Things They Carried '

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Denali Dickson
July 22, 2014
Long Form

I. The Author and His Times:
1. Birth- October 1, 1946 to present
2. The Things They Carried was published January 1, 1990. This novel discusses stories from the Vietnam War, written many years afterwards. The book shares stories from several different people during the war and shares the truth as they remember it.
3. The factor that influenced the author in his decision to publish this novel was his desire to share his stories with the world. Stories can be told different ways, depending on how a person chooses to remember it. Each chapter refers to a different soldier and time period in the war and is not told in chronological order. O’Brien had a lot of regrets about the war that still haunt him and are the things that he “carried” all the way to today. He has faith that storytelling is the best way for him to negotiate the pain of death and war.
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II. Diction:
1. Throughout The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, the author used colloquial diction and profanity to explain the events in the Vietnam War and the characters in the book. The colloquial diction helps depict the time period of when this
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