Analysis Of The Book Thief

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Sam Painter Mr.Jeffery English 10 Honors August 22, 2017 The Book Thief Questions The narrator is death. It is clear that the narrator is death because he talks about humans in a way that he is out to get them. His attitude towards Liesel is one of almost affection. He doesn’t like her but he talks about her in a way as if they were friends. Liesel Meminger moves to 33 Himmel Street and meets her new family. She is met with a rude awakening when greeted by Rosa Hubermann. Hans, her husband, then coaxes Liesel to come inside their house and soon after a tight bond is made. Throughout these pages, Liesel and Hans get closer and closer while Rosa maintains her strict mother-like facade. Liesel overcomes many challenges throughout these pages such as school fights, making friends, adjusting to life on Himmel Street, learning to read/not knowing how to read, and cultivating a newfound respect for her parents. Many people help Liesel but two main people are Hans and Rudy (her new friend.) Books are important to Liesel because she is learning how to read and enjoys gaining knowledge from them. The growing of power in the Nazi movement impacts Liesel and her new family because there is a section in part two where the Hubermanns cannot find their Nazi flag and fear that they will be taken away but nonetheless it is found. Liesel puts two and two together when she connects Hitler to her mother being taken away. Lastly, Liesel lives up to her nickname and the book thief steals again

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