Analysis Of The Book Thief

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When the idea of a thief comes to mind one does not think of a book thief, but that is the description of Liesel Meminger. Set during Nazi Germany in World War II, political unrest is shown throughout Markus Zusak’s novel, “The Book Thief”. It is during this time that books are banned and burned in Nazi Germany under the direction of Adolf Hitler to suppress freethinking and ideas. Books are important to Liesel for numerous reasons. Liesel is compassionate, simple, and forgiving in her quest to acquire knowledge through books and survive the home front of World War II. During this time in Nazi Germany, food is scarce for the poor. Liesel and her friends have to steal food to survive. “As tempting as it was to keep the victory to themselves, they were overpowered by a sense of loyalty to Arthur Berg. They made their way to his impoverished lodging on Kempf Strasse and showed him the produce. Arthur couldn’t hold back his approval (Zusak 163). Instead of Rudy and Liesel keeping the ham for them, they decide to share the food out of compassion for their friends. Liesel also shows compassion towards the Jews unlike many others in Nazi Germany. During a Jewish march through the town, Liesel and Rudy hand bread to the Jews since the Jews will not get food where they are going. This compassion allows Liesel to make more friends and have help while guiding her through a tough phase in her life. Not only is Liesel compassionate, but she is also simple. Her simple

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