Analysis Of The Book Thief

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GENERAL 1. Title - The Book Thief 2. Author - Markus Zusak 3. Date of Original Publication - 2005 4. Novel Type - Historical Fiction STRUCTURE 1. Point of View - First person limited and third-person omniscient 2. Relationship to meaning - As a metaphysical and ubiquitous being who is able to provide an intimate yet well-informed recount of various experiences undergone by several characters, Death’s role as the narrator allows the novel to depict both virtues and vices of humanity in the most compelling manner. 3. Plot Structure a. Exposition - Death introduces himself and describes the instance when young Liesel Meminger saw her dead brother in her mother’s arms. Following this event, Liesel is sent to live with her foster parents Hans and Rosa Hubermann. b. Inciting Incident - Upon learning that Hitler is the principal cause of her family’s suffering, Liesel steals a book from a bonfire of banned books. c. Events contributing to rising action - The Hubermanns begin harboring a Jew named Max Vandenburg at their house basement. Liesel and Max begin bonding. d. Climax (Crisis/turning point) - Hans Hubermann gives a bread to a Jewish prisoner out of sympathy and is whipped by a Nazi officer who writes down his name. Fearing that his house would be raided, Hans sends Max away for his safety as well as those of his household. e. Events contributing to falling action - Hans is drafted into the army. Liesel reads to people in the bomb shelter during air raids and continues

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