Analysis Of The Boys In The Boat By Daniel Brown

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“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). The willpower to overcome adversity drives an unstoppable ambition. In The Boys in the Boat by Daniel Brown, a young man defied all odds to defeat resistance from life and the water to win the gold. Joe Rantz overcomes personal and emotional challenges throughout his childhood and college life in order to achieve his dream.
Every century struggles in various ways to survive, but through the strife society either constructs or destroyed versatile human beings. The Great Depression murdered everyone’s self-esteem and pride. During those years “it was impossible to find a bank whose doors weren’t permanently shuttered; behind those doors the savings of countless American families had disappeared forever. Nobody could say when, or if, the hard times would ever end” (8). The era of the Great Depression infused everyone’s minds’ with fear and anguish. The economic crash initiated hard times for people such as Joe Rantnz. Families had to struggle to find money for food to support themselves. A strain was conceived in families as men struggled to provide for them. There were no jobs available and all hope was lost. Around the same time, Hitler was making his rise: “On the podium, Hitler addressed them directly, jabbing at the air with one arm, his fish clenched” (144). Hitler’s plan to dominate the world was in action. His innocent appearance fooled the world. Germany was the host of the

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