Analysis Of The Country Of Panem In The Hunger Games

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“Avoiding fear or shame feels very different on the inside then the way it looks on the outside. If you try to avoid feeling anxious, you’ll likely come off as controlling. If you’re avoiding shame, you’ll appear aggressive or rejecting.”(Stonsy 1). This explains that things aren’t what they look like on the outside like they appear on the inside. Someone may look a certain way but feel a whole lot differently. We see this throughout the Hunger Games series and how the character feel and how people think they feel, even though that’s not how they really feel. The people of each district show the capitol a certain emotion, but deep down inside them they feel a different way then they appear. The Country of Panem is broken up into twelve different …show more content…

She makes sure there’s food on the table for her and that she never has to go hunger. After their father died in a mining accident she devoted herself to taking care of Prim when her mom fell into a deep depression. She made sure that she had eaten before going to bed and that Prim was always safe from harm and any wrong doing. Katniss took it upon herself to be the “mother figure” in Prims life. Prim also has a cat that Katniss hates but if it makes her sister happy then she’s willing to keep it. The day of the reaping in the first book The Hunger Games Prims name is chooses from the group of females in the district. Effie the lady who draws the names and reads them off finishes her speech and then gets ready to draw names form the bowl. “…….Ladies first! ......” (Collins 20). Effie reaches her hand into a bowl and pulls out a slip then walks back to the microphone and announces the name of the female contestant. “It’s Primrose Everdeen.” (Collins 20). Prim then starts to walk to the stage when Katniss her older sister steps out of line and fights against the peacekeepers who are there to make sure that there isn’t any riots, to volunteer for her. She doesn’t want Prim to go into the arena and see people be killed or be killed by someone else trying to stay alive. “”I volunteer! “ I gasp “I volunteer as tribute!”” (Collins 20). She chooses to do this cares she cares a lot for Prim and she continues to show that throughout all three books. She does whatever it takes to either make Prim happy or to keep her safe from any harm done. Before Katniss is escorted to the train to go to the capitol she ask Gale to watch and protect her little sister and her mom while she in in the arena. Her love for Prim is never ending it may be because their sisters or it might be a deeper connection that we don’t get to see, or

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