Analysis Of The Film ' Half The Sky '

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Domestic violence, sex trafficking, female genital mutilation, sexual harassments and rape are all forms of violence against women. These atrocious acts against women and children have been dated back to when African Americans were apart of the institution of slavery. Compare to males, female slaves are subject to have sexual encounters with their masters. In Harriet Jacobs, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, we are able to witness enslavement in the perspectives of a female slave. Moreover, it unveils how masters felt like they had total control over a female slave’s mind and body. As time progressed, women became more empowered and independent in the Unites States. However, women are still subject to violence and gender inequality in many parts of the world. The film, “Half the Sky” portrays how women and girls in poverty-stricken countries such as India and Vietnam, face a plethora of hardships that prevents them from obtaining an education. They are inferior to men and are expected to stay at home to care for their family. The film also depicts how women and children are trafficked for the purpose of sexual and labor exploitations. During the 19th century African American men, women and children were captured, held in confinement, brutalized and deprived of their basic human rights to be free. The institution of slavery had a major effect on female slaves. Being a male or female slave came with its own cruelties. For example, female slaves were sexually exploited
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