Analysis Of The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games is an astounding post-apocalyptic MTV award winning movie. Although the epic fight for survival is primarily the theme, the movie also juggles the emotional vulnerabilities associated with life and death. When considering the parallels between the movie and today’s society, viewers gain warnings regarding the importance of unity. Many consider The Hunger Games a heroic tale of a selfless teen. However, the driving force delineates an unforgettable plot twist, an inspirational main character, a logical target audience, tough life lessons, and over exaggerated settings and costumes. With impending fear of who may be chosen as this year’s annual fallen tribute, districts gather to witness the horrific outcome, known as …show more content…

Decisions related to life and death involve emotional vulnerability. As an individual that values inner convictions of preventing neglect toward humanity, Katniss understands. She believes in human rights and equality because she has lost everything close to her. Suffering became reality while trying to ensure her sister’s safety. As a person with any empathy, the horrific gluttony and vanity would be painfully hypnotizing. “And like Harry Potter on his hero’s journey before her, Katniss knows that in the end, it’s up to her to face evil and lead the charge for the common people - no matter the cost” (McGrath 2). In addition to this dreadful fight for survival, staying true to yourself while fighting for loved ones is essential. As Teen Vogue profoundly emphasises: “I volunteer as tribute!” With just four words, The Hunger Games’ heroine selflessly proved that some things in life are worth getting hurt for. . . . Despite the action-packed adventures our protagonist frequently finds herself in, the core of the story will always be a tale of two sisters’ unconditional love for one another, and how love can push people past their preconceived limits. (1) This sister dynamic reflects love can endure and motivate beyond the scope of imagination. Sometimes life’s circumstances hit hard, but people are stronger and more resilient than they

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