Analysis Of 'The Inner Stillness Of Eileen Kramer'

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The Archibald prize is an open portrait competition that is held annually. Two unique artworks by Andrew Lloyd Greensmith and Prudence Flint have expressed their meaning relating to society in their accounts of painting.
The inner stillness of Eileen Kramer is the artwork created by Andrew Lloyd Greensmith. This art work consists of oil and lien, with the dimension of 86 x 51cm. The artwork depicts Eileen Kramer positioned at the bottom left hand corner, gently caressing her face with her hands. Her maroon blouse clothing was accessorised with blue jewelleries, and was lined up against a simple light background. The upper body shot had showcased her defined wrinkles and clear strokes of her white hair.
The contrast between the light cream background and the maroon blouse have successfully drawn in viewers attention. The contrasting colours have made the overall artwork standout. The viewers eyes are snatched towards the vibrant red then it is directed to Kramer’s peaceful expression. Her expression is identified as the focal point of the painting. It encapsulates the meaning of stillness expressing the relaxation and tranquilness. Greensmith had chosen to use a variety of different colour tones to help sculpt and emphasis Kramer’s features. The use of darker shades towards her left side creates a shadow, indicating her angled sitting position.
With the age of 102, Kramer is the oldest dancer, poet, artist and costume designer. This artwork entitled “The inner stillness…”
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