Analysis Of The Man In Mccarthy's The Road

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In a world that was changed by chaos, The Man remained the same man from the beginning of the novel until the end. Throughout his journey on The Road, The Man’s dedication to the survival of The Boy and never faltered, and stayed constant no matter what life threw at him. The Man ended his expedition on The Road the same man as when he started it.

At the beginning of the novel, the reader is introduced to the one defining character trait of The Man: his devotion to his son. This concept is a staple in The Man’s personality, and greatly affects his actions. We see his devotion through small acts like how The Man sleeps with The Boy to keep him warm and how The Boy always drinks, eats, and bathes before The Man. The reader sees a larger example of this commitment when a “bad guy” threatened The Boy with a knife. The Man swiftly and ruthlessly shot the man who “fell back instantly and lay with blood bubbling from the hole in his forehead.” (McCarthy.). Rather than simply incapacitating the bad guy, The Man made sure that at least that man would never be able to hurt or threaten The Boy again. The Man is not only devoted to his son, but he is committed to his goals of heading South. Even though they made some stops along the way, the idea of getting South and to the shore never wavered from The Man’s head. The intensity that The Man devoted to protecting The Boy continued as their journey did. When someone started shooting the two men with arrows, the readers were treated to

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