Analysis Of The Movie ' Freddy '

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Freddy is 53 Pilipino and his wife’s 28 Caucasian, his second marriage. When I first meet him and his wife I thought she was his daughter, I think she was 17 or 18 at the time, very quiet. They had one baby at the time, and now he told me they have 7 kids. Freddy used to work for me about 10 years ago, I know him as a hard walking man, a good roofer and a good carpenter. After so long I finally find him, and I wanted him to come back and work for me, he told me he could not at that time, we exchange numbers, a week later I call him and, that’s when he wanted to talk to me about his life change. Observations: When I went in the house I notice there was no kids, because he told me that they have 7 kids including the new born, but it was …show more content…

I said I really feel bad for you? P4. It’s almost a deja vous it seems like going back to my pass when I was growing up. In 1984 I lived in Boston at the time, i was placed in foster home, I was only 13 years old and I was scared and felt so alone. The first foster home they placed me it was in Lynn Mass. This was a crappy old falling apart basement that was cold and damp, also down in that basement I shared a room with their son who was 10 and at the other room another foster girl who was 12 at the time, and another room was a 17 year old son living down there. One night I was awakened I heard the girl was crying and their son was in there messing with her I yelled at him to stop, and leave her alone. He started fighting with me and therefore I stop him from abusing her sexually that night. When I told the counselor at school he reported it to my case worker. She showed up and pick me up from school and therefore told me I was a liar. She took me back to my foster mom’s home and made me tell her the story. As I set there scared alone and feeling nobody was going to listen to me because the case worker told me I was a liar. When the Son got home they questioned him about what I had told them and he said yes I did it. At that time my case worker took me to a new foster home and told me I was not allowed to contact my mother and not to tell anyone what happened. A week later when my caseworker showed up for a visit I asked

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