Analysis Of The Movie Hidden Figures

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After watching the movie Hidden Figures from Humanities class. The way how three African American women, who were Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan gain the respect of the white men in NASA was admirable. They did excellent jobs to make white people changed their mind about giving respect to African American people. They dared to think and dare to do what they have thoughts. They used their gray matter to contribute to the space race of the United States vs. Russia at that moment, and also they changed the white men thoughts about colored people. From the beginning of the movie, the smart mind of Katherine Johnson; she was a real genius that humanity needs. After finishing school, she applied to work for NASA. She could solve the math problems that the white men could not solve. When she first came to work at the Space Task Group, which is calculating the coordinates of takeoff and landing for the spaceship, she got none of the respect from her white colleagues, especially Paul Stafford, but she was not discouraged. She gained the attention of her boss, Mr. Al Harrison. One day, Mr. Harrison couldn’t find her in the office, when she got back to her work, Mr. Harrison was mad at her and ask:” Where has she been?” Then, she replied that she has to walk half miles away from the office, where she was working on the building that has a bathroom for colored peoples. After that, Harrison went to the building that Katherine has to walk half miles every day to go

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