Analysis Of The Movie Inside Job

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Nhu Nguyen History 8 Film Review - Inside Job Inside Job From the 1920s to 2009 the United States history experienced a number of economic downturns; however, the most significant was the Great Recession of the early 2000s. And the movie "Inside Job" which is staged under the direction of famed director Charles Ferguson, is a true narrative of the worst economic events in history. There are five parts totally in the film including: How We Got Here, The Bubble, The Crisis, Accountability, and Where We Are Now. The crisis is closely comparable with an abyss, engulfing the world's strongest economy. It also has collapsed the entire monetary system of leading banks and led to the bankruptcy of a series of economic groups. This is a failure of policy, systematic faults. The crisis also forces the world to rethink the moral philosophy of development. I absolutely agree with the film that the cause of economic crisis was not only by the objective factors such as securitization and the housing boom but also by subjective factors. These are the abolition or the reduction of market regulations, a lack of supervision and personal interests that blind the eyes of those who are important to the movement of the market. Eliminate market regulations called "deregulation". Deregulation began in the 1980s and continues until the days of President Bush and Obama. Deregulation paved the way for the formation of investment banks and financial giants, along with the introduction of complex
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