Analysis Of The Movie Precious

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It was interesting to look back at the movie “Precious” in order to relate Erikson, Jung, and Freud’s theories to both Precious and her mother Mary. Being able to identify the defense mechanisms, stages of development, anxiety, and persona gave me more insight as to why Precious and Mary act the way they do. In addition, exploring the role of nature versus nurture in their development helped to explain why Mary and Precious made certain life decisions.
Carl Jung’s theory stated that “an introverted person has an interest that is generally directed inward toward his own feelings and thoughts. However, an extroverted attention is directed towards other people and to the outside world”. Precious has an introverted personality. She comforts herself through her own delusional world because she didn’t have any way of escaping her cruel reality. Precious is able to disconnect from reality by imagining herself as a star greeting fans, dancing and being escorted or loved by handsome men in tuxedos. Precious avoids interacting with people outside of her family because of her low self-esteem, social anxiety and the messages she has always heard from her mother. Precious’s mother tells her constantly how worthless she is, instilling the belief that she is destined for a life of failure. In her isolation, Precious tries to achieve a balance between her fantasies and reality.
An aspect of Jung’s theory that applies to Mary is the Persona which is “an element of the personality which

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