Analysis Of The Movie ' Santa '

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Do you know why parents let their kids believe in Santa and they never want to tell them that Santa isn’t real? Because Santa represents hope and something anyone can believe. Imagine having to break that illusion to an innocent little kid who sits there at the Christmas tree with the milk and cookies, waiting for Santa to show up. Do you want your kid to find out Santa isn’t real or do you hope they continue to believe that he’s real? I was by myself for Christmas and I never felt more depressed than at that moment. I sat up in my room crying and asking Santa to make my Christmas better. I was so desperate for everything to be okay that I asked a fictional character to make things normal again.
Santa didn’t come, and that was that.

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“Hey dad, how I was work?” I asked. “It was fine.” He answered, but it seemed like he wasn’t even paying attention. “Is something wrong dad?” I asked. My dad chose not to answer me and just focus on the laptop that was in front of him. All he did for an hour was sit at the table with his laptop and stared at it. I thought it was weird for him to be acting like this, but I didn’t think much of it because I thought that he was doing stuff for work. After a couple of minutes I left my dad alone to go see what my mom was up to and I saw that she looked upset too. “Hey mom, are you okay? Why is dad acting weird too?” I asked her, but she went from being upset to yelling at me to get out of her way. I thought she was being a bitch at the time, but I thought she was stressed out about all the family members coming over to the house. I tried giving my parents, their space until the rest of my family showed up so I just went to my room to relax. After an hour I started to hear screaming and yelling coming from the halls. I came out of my room to see where the yelling was coming from and it turned out it was coming from my parents’ room. At this point, I knew something bad was happening.

When I continued to hear yelling coming from my parents’ room, I tried to drown it out because my parents were always fighting so it wasn’t anything new to me. At that point, hearing my parents fight was a normal thing. When my parents

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