Analysis Of The Movie ' The Immigrant '

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The Movie “The Immigrant,” directed by James Gray in 2013, is a historical piece, mostly because it was not made in 1921 when the events it portrays actually happened. I would also have to attribute the movie to be a drama as well as a romance, as the movie is about an evil man hooking the main character, Ewa who is played by Marion Cotillard, into becoming a prostitute. The movie has certain aspects of romance as well as fear. There are many times where you feel love will be sparked and Ewa will live happily ever after. However, these moments are fleeting and go away very quickly, only to pop up again a few minutes later. In the two hour duration of the movie, I felt hopeful, as well as sad. While not learning any historical information, I was entranced in the lives of the characters. I feel as though they did a fantastic job of portraying the time period, through the cloths, speech, and even the way the buildings were built. In the very beginning, there are a bunch of people going through security, doing wellness checks, background checks, etc., to try and come into the United States through Ellis Island, a tiny island off the coast of New Jersey. The movie specifically centers on two Polish women, Ewa Cybulska and her sister Magda. Magda was taken away suddenly as she was deemed too sick to be allowed in, suspected to be lung failure. Ewa got through to the background check portion, but was sent away as she was “unescorted” and had nowhere to go, mostly because her uncle

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