Analysis Of The Movie ' The Vietnam War ' By Kristen Ann Hass 's ' Making A Memory Of War

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When discussing the topic of America’s involvement in the Vietnam War and the toll it had on America as a whole, it can be rather controversial. Many people wonder what the war was even about and some even bring up that the Vietnam War could be considered another Civil War for America. An example of this is how Marilyn Young argues in her article, “The Vietnam War in American Memory,” how many Americans treat Vietnam as something that happened amongst themselves. I believe what Young meant by this was how throughout the many years Americans fought in the Vietnam War, the America lost sight of who they were as well as their purpose for being in the war in first place, which is supported by examples in the film, Platoon¸ as well as in Kristen Ann Hass’s “Making A Memory of War.” In the film, Platoon, there were several examples which support Marilyn Young’s statement about American’s treating Vietnam as something that happened amongst themselves. The film is set during the 1960s and tells the story of a young college student who goes by the name Chris Taylor. He drops out of college to enlist in the Military to fight in the Vietnam War. In beginning, Taylor is very excited and enthusiastic about his choice to fight in the war. Eventually, the enthusiasm changes when he begins getting to know the squad he is assigned to as well as how they him because he is new. One major event in the film which really changed how Taylor felt about being a part of this war is when they raided

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