Analysis Of The Necklace And Mathilde Loisel

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Ever met someone so dreadful that they were considered pushy or even rueful? Well, if so stay tuned because this essay will be over just exactly that, but only about a necklace and Mathilde Loisel. In the story The Necklace (Maupassant) Mathilde Loisel is a poverty stricken beautiful women, who gets to go to a ball with her husband. But with being poor her pride gets the best of her. Meaning, she wants a expensive ball gown for husband to buy her but, she can't have a ball gown without a necklace, so she borrows a necklace from her very high end friend. As the night of the ball come to an end Loisel realizes that her friends diamond necklace is missing and now she has to work everyday for the rest of her life just to pay the necklace off. With that being said Loisel has many personality conflict which only interfere with life story. Loisel would be considered pushy because she pushed her husband to buy her a new fancy dress and she also would be considered rueful because of all the regret she had in her life when she lost the diamond necklace.
Mathilde Loisel was not only rueful but she was pushy to get what she desired and to hide her poverty filled life.“It’s nothing.It's just that I have no evening dress and so I can't go to the party” “...How much would a evening dress cost?” “Hard to say I could manage around 400 frances.” “He went pale..” Loisel didn't want to go to the ball her husband worked so hard to get ticket for because she didn't have a fancy enough dress to

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