Analysis Of The Needle Exchange

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Drug treatment is a very unique experience for every user. Some people need group sessions; others need one on one time with a professional and others need specialized treatment plans. For this module we read about two very unique ways of treatment one being the Needle Exchange program and the other a gender specific treatment for women and their children. In the reading, “Need Exchange and the Geography of Survival in the South Bronx” by Katherine McLean, we learn about the Needle Exchange and how it is helping users in the community. The Needle Exchange program can come in many different ways, it can be a storefront, a worker on the streets or at hotels going to the users, or could be through peer-delivery methods (McLean, p. 394). Storefront…show more content…
395). This helps keep users clean by eliminating the spread of HIV/AIDs and it also insures that dirty needles are not left on the street for children or adults to accidently step on or come across (McLean, p. 395). This article specifically talks about a storefront called Bronx Harm Reduction in New York. Participants at this location not only had access to clean needles, but educational and support groups, free HIV testing, some medical services, meals, grab bags with toiletries, access to a shower and washer and dryer (McLean, p. 397). For those who are HIV positive they also include mental health care, and housing assistance (McLean, p. 397). This program is aimed at users from all walks of life but specifically homeless users. For some users programs like the Needle Exchange could be what push them to seek help. One user quoted in this article said, “I wasn’t sure whether I was an animal or a human anymore” (McLean, p. 401). Sometimes all a person needs in access to those who can help, and be reminded what it is like to have some stability and schedule other than being on the street. This treatment may seem unusual because it is allowing users to continue…show more content…
Surratt in the article, “Gender-Specific Issues in the Treatment of Drug-Involved Women” talks about how women biologically react to drug different and how they often connect treatment recovery and motherhood together (Surratt, p. 349). Surratt suggests that women become addicted to drug much more quickly than men (Surratt, p. 349). However, most treatment does no not focus on women’s recover and the unique forms of treatment they may need for recovery (Surratt, p. 350). Often women feel more guilt than men when battling drug addiction because women are more harshly judged for drug use, especially when she is pregnant or has children (Surratt, p. 351). Surratt looks at the treatment program at Florida State called “The Village”, which has treatment program called Families in Transition for mothers battling addiction and their children under the age of 12 years old (Surratt, p. 352). This allows for the children to live with their mothers while they are receiving treatment (Surratt, p. 352). The author held interviews with some women in the program and almost all attributed treatment with becoming a good mother for their children (Surratt, p. 353). Many of the women who were battling with addiction had family members who were addicts or had some form of childhood or domestic abuse (Surratt, p. 355). Treatment for these women needs to be more complex than your typical user because they have many layers of issues to over come. This program did not include the
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