Analysis Of The New Jim Crow

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Stories that go untold are often never heard and forgotten through time. The author of The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander, by writing her book understandingly so went out of her way to document the stories and pain of millions of minorities, whom in the land of the free are instead forced into undoubtful imprisonment. Alexander has spent most of her life fighting racial injustice and teaching about civil rights. A graduate from Stanford Law School and Vanderbilt University, Michelle Alexander became a civil rights lawyer and legal scholar. She has dedicated her life to fighting the racial bias in the criminal justice system and ending mass incarceration, devoting much of her time to writing about and spreading the awareness of the racial caste system that we are currently in. In addition, Alexander has spent several years as the director of the Racial Justice Project at the ACLU of Northern California, which also lead a national campaign against racial profiling by law enforcement ( In her work, The New Jim crow, Alexander cautiously argues that from the beginning of the United States all the way to its first foundations, can one find that the foundations were layered upon a racial caste system to which just like the United States Constitution, can essentially adapt overtime and exploit the original undercaste of minorities that were its earliest victims; while her book is well supported through her informative use of historical facts and events, her

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