Analysis Of The No. 1 LadiesDetective Agency By Alexander Smith

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The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency was written by Alexander Smith. This novel was set in Botswana ,a country just north of South Africa. The author spent some time in Botswana before writing this story and it is very clear, he gives his view of the people that live there while showing their everyday lives through his characters. In this novel the main character, Mma Ramotswe becomes the first ever woman detective in Botswana, and because she is a woman, she is doubted. She goes and proves her skeptics wrong as she solve the cases of people in their community. She even has this really big case that lasts for the whole the book that keeps the audience on their feet. He also talks about important things in the novel. In his book,The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, Alexander McCall Smith portrays the setting through the way of life,gender roles,and traditions and values.
In the book No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, Smith talks about the way of life in Botswana. Although he wants to talk about all the good things, he also wants to keep it realistic with his audience. Smith states, “In my view, Botswana was a good place—a place of harmony and stability in a region that had been wracked by division and conflict for years. It was, I thought, an extraordinary achieve.” (Smith,14) Men felt the need to be in control. Women were meant to sit around and listen to the men. They were giving a place and needed to stay and it so the never spoke out against men views and wishes. Never the

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