Analysis Of The PDSA Cycle

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This QI experiment that was conducted was over a period of 90 days, with two weeks being dedicated to each of the four PDSA cycles. In first PDSA cycle, for the staff and patient involvement, periodic staff meetings were conducted to discuss the project outline and invitations were extended for patient/family conferences to discuss major changes and clarify concerns. For the process changes of increasing compliance with medications and checking improvements of BP, informational pamphlets were distributed on HCTZ, ACE or ARB and charts were also audited in order to track improvements of BP. There were some stumbling blocks between employees not being able to make early meetings, forgetting to invite some patients to meeting, and not being …show more content…

Also, to improve patient compliance with medications, both the providers took extra time with the patient to clarify concerns. Additionally, a home BP monitoring system was installed to generate automatic BP readings to monitor improvements in blood pressure. Despite having well-planned processes, some hindrances happened due staff call-ins and home BP monitoring failure. Overall, in this cycle, a 10 to 15% improvement was observed in all four ramps (See Figure. 4).
The fourth PDSA cycle went more smoothly than the previous one because the staff and patients were more accustomed to the changes. A staff reward system was initiated to improve participation in the meetings, and to increase patient attendance to meetings, the office manager arranged transportation for all eligible patients through Medicaid and Medicare services. Subsequently, the NP met with the physician to discuss the success of this QI project through run charts and consequently, the physician agreed to change the existing HTN protocol in compliance with JNC 8 guidelines. Improvement of hypertension was continued to monitor through BP logs and through automated BP reports from home monitoring system. At the end of this PDSA cycle, a 55-66% improvement was noted in all four ramps from the baseline, a remarkable accomplishment (See Figure.5).
This QI project made a significant improvement of 94-96% in all four ramps of PDSA cycle. Patient

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