Analysis Of The Poem ' Dream ' By Langston Hughes

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Veronica Rincon
English 1
Prof. Young
June 14, 2016 Regret The structure and meaning of each poem are very similar, but yet are different in their own unique way as well. The two pomes are about dreams, the first poem, "Dream" is about what could possibly happen if we let go of our dreams and don 't purse them. The second poem, "Harlem" is about the possibilities of what could happen when we postpone our dreams. Both poems do not exactly end with a happy ending, for they show the regret that we will be left with, possibly even death. The poem "Dream" by Langston Hughes is about following your dreams, because we never know what our near future can become if we do not attempt to accomplish our visions in life. One way to define the word "dreams" is to refer to them as a reflection of our possibilities that we desire to think about and aspire to achieve. To add on, not only can dreams get us through hard times, but they are a reminder to ourselves to keep going, plus they provide you with a purpose in life. Hughes states, "Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that can not fly," meaning if one does not "hold fast to their dreams" and make them a reality then, we will never get to see what our life could have turned out to be and we 'll be left with sadness and regret. Although Hughes illustrates the bird having a broken wing, it is still alive and breathing, the bird can still chirp and it can still be healed: those dreams will
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