Analysis Of The Poem Nothing Gold Can Stay

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The poem Nothing Gold Can Stay was written by Robert Frost in 1927. He married his wife Elinor in 1895, though she died in 1938. He had 5 kids with her, Elliot, Carol, Irma, Marjorie, and Elinor. Elliot and Elinor died as small children, Carol and Marjorie who died at the ages of 38 and in the late 20s. Whereas Irma the last child suffered from mental illness.
Although Nothing Gold Can Stay is short, it is a narrative because it is telling a story.
The title of the poem, Nothing Gold Can Stay, has multiple meanings and can mean whatever you perceive it as. It talks about Nature's renewal every spring and how it's hard for Mother Nature to hold on to spring. Whereas during the time period he wrote the poem World War 2 was happening and so he was talking about how he thought the world was going to end and lose everything beautiful about it.
Although there is no steady repetition the word gold is used throughout the poem, and gold is referring to everything beautiful in the world and how no matter what we do we can't stop time from taking its beauty from it.
In the poem, it is talking about when spring comes and goes, or about how nothing that has beauty can stay forever . For example, it says "But only so an hour" as referring to how short your childhood can go by. "So dawn goes down to day" this could also mean how fast it goes by because dawn can disappear very fast.
There is two characters, and one is Mother Nature and she is the one that is trying to get spring to stay

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