Analysis Of The Poem ' Poetry Made Childhood Bearable '

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Deshanna Glenn September 21, 2015 WEST 3100 Dr. Stephany Rose “Not everyone goes to poetry readings to find love. She did. Growing up poetry had been the sanctuary that space in words where longing could be spoken. Nobody in her world understood. Poems came in another language. Nobody could find or hurt you there.” “ Poetry made childhood bearable “. Bell Hooks is speaking about how poetry and words were a place for her to escape the harsh reality of her everyday life during her painful childhood in the oppressive South. Wounds of Passion is Bell Hooks autobiography that details the struggles of an independent, feminist, black woman from the South struggling with a difficult childhood due to an abusive father and a non-supportive family. Hooks speaks from a personal level as the book details her witnessing her father beat her mother one night and displaying a “If I cant have you, nobody can” dysfunctional type of love and her relationship with a man seven years older than her, named Mack, whom she credits with encouraging her to write and publish her first book, “Ain 't I a Woman.” With raw honesty, she tells us about the 15-years relationship between her and Mack: even as she finally leaves Mack, she says, "Inside me I am still the country girl who never goes anywhere.” Hooks recalls other influences on her early intellectual development, and her shock at discovering that while gender and class were considered to be important elements in academic world, race

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