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Quiajah Freeman
Professor Barberan
29 October 2016 Recitatif

If twentieth-century studies of "Recitatif" focus primarily on extremes—the white and black ends of the binary—instead of plumbing the depths of the murky space in between, twenty-first century scholarship on "Recitatif" better explicates how the story works on our preconceptions about race. For instance, referencing postmodernist understandings of race. (Philadelphia: Univ.of Penn. Press, 2007)
Recitatif is a story about child good friends, two to be specific.Though the author doesn 't quite give us the race of the author, she does give us stereotypes to keep us engaged. With these stereotypes we come to our own conclusions of what race it is. Through context clues I can see that there was one black girl and the other white. This story shows the things that they had to go through. The things that shaped their friendship throughout their time in the shelter. Their friendship is tested because during this time whites and blacks weren 't exactly supposed to be seen together. Which leads me to the theme of race. Race has shaped this whole story, because of the time period it was set in. It brings up tension but is also not mentioned upfront. In my opinion Morrison did this to show the right and wrong that had gone on throughout this time.
Race has been, and quite possibly always will be, as central to American literature as narratives of contact and conquest,

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