Analysis Of The Road By Cormac Mccarthy

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In the book, The Road by Cormac McCarthy, the characters face a dreadful journey through the ravaged world in order to survive. The world was left in ruins after a catastrophe caused the world to burn which took many lives and the ones that were left alive to constantly treck through the wreckage. This book focuses on a man and his son who survived the initial tragedy, however that was only the beginning.The father and son, who were left unnamed, traveled through the roads of what was left of the world avoiding death by scavenging for food, and staying away from the cannibalistic gangs that also roamed the streets. From the beginning, they traveled with a cart that stored their findings from almost every structure they came across. Although the cart was helpful, it was difficult to push the cart to the hiding places where they camped during the night or in situations where they met other people along the road. In one particular situation, the father and son met a truck of men with firearms on a truck. The father was prepared to end his son’s life before a bad person could capture him or kill him. That being said, when one of the men from the truck found them, he grabbed the man’s son and held him with a knife. The father, knowing they only had one bullet left in the canister, shot the man in order to save his son. They continued on the road searching for food and clothing when they came across a fairly nice house which happened to be the home of a cannibalistic gang who
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