Analysis Of The Story ' Half A Day '

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Single Character Analysis

Single Character Analysis The character analyzed in this paper is from Naguib Mahfouz’s short story, “Half a Day.” The major character selected for analysis is the narrator, who represents a character of a young boy oblivious of the significance of education (Laurie & Stephen, 2012). Unlike other characters used in “Half a Day”, Naguib exhibits the young boy as a conspicuous element throughout the story by placing him in the first person character to explain his experiences, actions, challenges, and expectations as he grows up. The story setting also turns around the life of the boy as the theme flows and transits with the enormous changes experienced by the narrator, in this case the young boy.
At the beginning of the story, the young boy characterizes a naive rural boy taken to school by the father. He thinks the father is getting rid of him for his mischievousness but then an assurance from the father that he is going to the “factory” (Jairus, 2010). According to the father, the school is a place to convert young boys to men, and in the character of the narrator the author plainly outlines the various stages in which the boy translates into not just a man but also an old man.
The writer denotes that the boy perceives school as a form of punishment from his father despite the father’s reassurance. Erlinda, et al. (2007) argue that most of Naguib’s literature tend to exhibit some form of irony in the human life. In the…
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