Analysis Of The Story Sadoko And The Children's Peace Statue

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Mode Paragraph: The rhetorical mode of “The Story Sadoko and the Children’s Peace Statue” a is narrative that follows the narrative arc. It is narrative because it follows the basic structure of a story throughout the story. Since it follow the plot pyramid with how events are occurring it is narrative. Also it is a story about a person's life and a huge majority of stories are narrative.

Character Paragraph: In this story story Sadoko is the protagonist that is having to overcome the newly grow issue of leukemia. Also this story main focuses on her and her action. I believe Sadoko is a flat character because throughout the book we are reminded of her strong will and determination which was never be deter until death. Which can be seen when Sadoko is described as being vibrant and athletic and we know on page 32 and toward the end you can see her hard work never ended when she still continued to make paper cranes even after her condition worsened. In addition I believe Sadoko is a dynamic character. Came to this conclusion we see her express many different character. She is happy, saddened at times, kind, Optimistic, and cheerful. In conclusion I feel these ways because Sadoko’s spirit and many character traits stand strong.

Point Of View Paragraph: The point of view of this story is Third Person Omniscient because we are able to understand the feelings and thought process in side of each character. This paragraph I will rewrite is on page 41 and I will change the point

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