Analysis Of ' The Stranger ' By Albert Camus

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Part B: Flat Character
Flat characters play a significant role in all novels. For instance, the brother of Raymond’s mistress is a key flat character. The Arab never grows throughout the novel; rather, he remains a stalker, stalking his prey, tempting a fight. Without the role of the Arab, Meursault, would never have gone to prison, and never be tried for murder.
Part C: Foil Character
In literature, foil characters are used to bring out the distinctive qualities of another character by contrasting with them. In The Stranger, by Albert Camus, Marie Cardona plays the role of a foil character as she brings out Meursault 's emotional characteristics. When she told him that she loved him and asked if he loved her, Meursault responded: "I answered the same way I had the last time, that it didn’t mean anything but that I probably didn’t love her" (41). Through Marie, it is clear that Meursault is emotionally detached and doesn 't care about his relationships with others.
Part D: Role of Women
Women in The Stranger, help portray and provide proof for Meursault 's lack of emotion and detachment from women. There are three key women in the novel: Meursault 's mother, Marie Cardona, and Raymond’s mistress. When Meursault heard the news of his mother 's passing, he did not mourn her; rather he only went to her funeral because he was excited to get away from his job. Marie Cardona, Meursault 's girlfriend, pronounced her love for him as she asked his hand in marriage, and he replied,

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