Analysis Of The Tell-Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

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“The Tell-Tale Heart” is a gothic horror story written by Edgar Allan Poe; this short story ensured Poe’s reputation as the master of horror stories. Poe’s story utilization of psychological methods is present in some of his best works including “The Tell-Tale Heart” (“Edgar Allan Poe,” para. 5). Edgar Allan Poe’s short story portrays the main character, the narrator, as a man who maintains a calm state of mind throughout his persistence to stalk and kill another man whom he once respected. The narrator nor the old man are identified throughout the story to support the mystery and questions throughout “The Tell-Tale Heart.” The narrator pursued the old man’s life and killed him, but many readers question the reason for this action. Would you expect a man to be insane who murders another because of their eyes? Most people initially claim the narrator is insane due to his actions throughout stalking and murdering the old man. However, I believe most readers reach conclusions too quickly and miss the hidden meaning of this story. In “The Tell-Tale Heart,” Poe utilized the narrator’s actions and dialogue throughout the stalk and murder of the wicked old man to establish a question the narrator’s sanity. The narrator took the old man’s life not because of his insanity, but because of the wickedness of the old man. Some readers argued the narrator was insane, and he utilized the eye to create an issue that did not exist and draw a false conclusion. However, the narrator informed

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