Analysis Of The Thing In The Forest By A. S. Byatt

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First off we have “The Thing in the Forest” by A.S. Byatt, the author used many components for a short story to make a cynical tale that creates an incredible sensation of curiosity from the reader. In this story we have two girls who form a friendship in this time of war as they are being evacuated from war zones. These two protagonist are allowed access to the world with only a curfew, where shortly after these two adventures set afoot in a mysterious forest do they encounter the Thing, a creature that could only be created from the darkest depths of the sub conscience that will haunt these girls till the end of all days. Byatt shows the darkness of war with the journey of these girl y using very in depth imagery, historical/war setting, and character development.
This story gives its audience incredible imagery, and allusions. Which are good for the very “fairytale” feel of the story. It starts off with a train full of children, none of which no where they are going. Soon after they make it and are released we encounter a new character named Alys. I found she had a larger part of the story than the amount of text dedicated. She resembled innocence. Now that she was there we have a theme of losing innocence in the story. The forest with the Thing inside represents the time of war and destructiveness it ring in the lives that happen on it. They gave a little bit of insight on the movement of it by stating, “They give the strange impression of moving in – in waves – from

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