Analysis Of ' The Way Meursault '

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The way Meursault reacts to his surroundings throughout the first part of the book is especially noticeable in chapter 1. Within this chapter, you may notice that he talks more about the setting of places and the moods of others than he does his own emotions. The story starts off with Meursault stating that his mother died that day. Following this, he attends a vigil which he says is fifty miles away. Instead of telling us how he feels about the loss of his mother, he proceeds to tell us that he will catch the two o’clock bus and get to his mother’s in the afternoon. This leads us to assume that he is detached from his emotions. Once on the bus, still not once mentioning the affect his loss has been on him, he comments how it was very hot …show more content…

But what if there is no purpose, what is we have no ultimate end point in life. Meursault show us that he himself is indifferent to the emotions and actions of others, by his reactions in the book. When his asked to write a letter to his friend’s mistress, he initially declines. Although, after his friends mentions that he should write it because that is what friends do for each other, he is reluctant in his change in response. This shows us that he does things not out of moral decisions, but rather because it is naturally what is expected of him. In the book, Mr Meursault is not given a first name, knor is he given any physical attributes. I can be said that this is to generalize him. When not given an identity, we are able to see him as anyone. It allows us to bend him and shape him to our will, thus proving that he is what is expected of him to be. Therefore proving that no one is meant to be something in life, we are all merely going along with what happens. In the book, we see that the our main character is detached from his feelings. As he sees it, life may be merely something we are all fumbling through with no real spiritual reason or end. We see that Mr Meursault is outside his mind when he attends his mother’s funeral and thinks about how hot it is outside, as opposed to seeing this as a sad moment in life, one in which he should be busy mourning. Through his

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