Analysis Of Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe

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“As human beings we do change, grow, adapt, perhaps even learn and become wiser” (Wendy Carlos). Although true, this statement isn’t ubiquitous. Some cannot change and unfortunately there are repercussions. In “Things Fall Apart,” by Chinua Achebe, this is the case. The story discusses the lgbo community of Umuofia in Nigeria. The story concentrates on a respected member, Okonkwo, as he deals with making a name for himself in his community and ultimately dealing with the perceived threat of white men looking to spread their religion. The focus is on Okonkwo’s internal struggle with how he perceives the environment around him and whether he can change as a result. Through close examination of Okonkwo, particularly his internal fears, actions, and mindset, one can see that he has not made any progress in coming to terms with himself and his surroundings until it is too late. Okonkwo’s inability to change and him being at odds with his community represent how he has not made progress in understanding what is happening around him. Okonkwo’s hamartia is his reluctance to change. He believes that violence will solve the problem with the white men. This leads him to behead one of the court messengers. “Okonkwo’s machete descended twice and the man’s head lay beside his uniformed body... [Okonkwo] knew that Umuofia would not go to war. He knew because they had let the other messengers escape. They had broken into tumult instead of action. He discerned fright in that tumult. He
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