Analysis Of Thoreau 's Life Of New England

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Thoreau characterizes life in New England as tough especially for immigrants, who are exploited for cheap labor. It is also a struggle for many people who live every day as they are expected to, but still do not find happiness, as seen through his example of the son who inherited his family’s farm but has no personal inclination to be farmer. Society is setting boundaries for what is accepted as good behavior and what is not, plus, there is an abundance of basic necessities beyond the required food and shelter. As a result, he simplified his life. When Thoreau says that “men remain in their present low and primitive condition…” in his comparison to people and a thawing snake, he is noting how society as he observes is filled with people who follow and conform instead of following their own instincts and principles. Applied today, places like North Korea show an extreme dictatorship where the government firmly establishes the norms of society and forces the expectations of the regime into its citizens. Propaganda is seen everywhere and even though the people conform to society’s will and are told to be happy, there is without a doubt people in North Korea who are suffering under the strict regime and are not satisfied with the restrictive and conformist lifestyle. 2) Agree. People should not force themselves to believe and follow ideas and actions that do not follow their inner principles. In Thoreau’s example, just because saying prayers every night is a long held

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