Analysis Of Tobias Wolff 's ' The Bullet Of The Brain '

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Tobias Wolff uses imagery in his short story “Bullet in the Brain” provides a visual portrait that captures attention. He clarifies in an interview with Sanford University what short stories require, “You want large results from it, and you 're compelled by its very shortness to using all your resources of language, form and understanding” (Schrieberg 1998). He uses language in the story offering instances of imagery to describe the media critic. Anders is portrayed as weary, and elegantly savage in his reviews. In each scene of the story Anders observes and uses biting words to offer his approval or distaste. He uses words to critique events while waiting with the customers at the bank, with the thieves and with the shot starting his recollections. There is a deeper vision into his brain not only with the speeding bullet but incite to words. The use of imagery in the short story provides a distorted image of the character Anders, not the real image of a man with the passion for words and the happiness they create. The bank blooms the imagery of Anders. Standing in a long line behind annoying people creates a murderous temper within his brain. His anger builds with the closing of the teller’s line, yet does not use his vicious sarcasm to the bank employees it is the customers around him that are witness to his venom. “Damned unfair, tragic. If they’re not chopping off the wrong leg, or bombing your ancestral village, they’re closing their positions” (Wolff 1995). The image

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