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Perception is everything. People never know what is going on with the other race or side. In Toni Morrison’s “Recitatif” she brings up racism and the societal normal. She never reveals race of either of the girls in this story. Never knowing the race of the girls other than they are two different races so how one race never knows that the other is thinking about or where they are coming from. In this story two girls meet and become friends and go separate directions. They continue to meet throughout their lives and try to rekindle the childhood friendship as adults. In this story two girls from very different back grounds and different races become fast friends. This shows how children do not know the differences or the color lines that society has put into place. As children gender, race, and religion is never an issue. Racism is something that society has created. Society has made racism one of the main barriers throughout the world. In the story the two girls are friends and live in a group home. The girls were witnesses to some bad things carried out by the older girls in the home. They end up separating and going different ways in life. When they meet up later while rekindling their relationship begin to reminisce about their childhood. They come to find out that their perception and memories do not exactly match up. The way things are perceived can change an outlook on life, after finding out how others see the same situation it might change who you are and what you
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