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Is there such thing as being in between a male and a female? Don Kulick clears up this question through his field study in his book Travesti, which is about Brazilian male prostitutes who feminize themselves in order to obtain not only customers, but boyfriends as well as a sense of femininity. I have come to the conclusion that the overall main argument presented in this book is the identity because the travesti identify themselves in a unique way compared to what most other people would identify them as.
To be clear, travestis don’t have any confusion with their identity, it is the rest of the world that has a hard time categorizing them. The travestis’ perception of gender is developed through the way in which genitals are used during sex (Kulick, pg. 227). A male who “penetrates” and is never “penetrated” is referred to as a man, while others who are “penetrated” and may “penetrate” are referred to as either homosexuals or females (Kulick, pg. 227). Travestis range between both of these identities by feeling masculine when they “penetrate” their clients or partners, and feminine when they are “penetrated” (Kulick, pg. 227). This fluctuation creates a confusion as to whether Travestis should be labeled as “men” or “women”.
Travestis possess a lot of mixed roles. They dress like women, gossip, prefer being penetrated, wear makeup as well as wigs, and even pump their bodies full of silicone and hormones in order to look more feminine for men (Kulick, pg. 66). On the

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