Analysis Of Truevine By Beth Macy

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In Truevine, Beth Macy the author argues that the kidnapping of the Muse Brothers was unintentionally orchestrated by their own mother Harriet temporarily traded them for monetary gain, during times of extreme poverty and racism. This is story is in contrast to the more commonly known story that says that the boys were captured by Circus hunters, and never returned, despite the mothers struggles to get them back. Consequently, those who will disagree with this book, probably disagree with the author’s position regarding the real story. The amount of evidence presented to contradict Macy’s thesis is prevalent, whereas there isn’t as much information that proves the boys weren’t initially kidnapped. Especially considering the fact neither the mother or the boys were able to dispute the rumor, it is disrespectful to bring it back up again and label it as truth. That being said, this book for the most part is factual, to disagree with anything besides her thesis and personal opinions, would prove to be contradictory because it is all true information. Another thing, that a reader might disagree on would the emphasis placed on racism being the main contributor to the events of this story. Macy includes explicit details of monstrosities that occurred during the Jim Crow era in the south, that occurred due to racism One might believe that the boy’s situation had less to do with race, and more to do with the boy’s rare (at that time) condition and the trends of that time (circus and

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