Analysis Of Walker Of Time

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The novel Walker of Time, by Helen Hughes Vick, is an extremely enthralling and pleasurable read. Helen Hughes Vick uses delightful imagery to convey the mood of being right there in the story. Vick writes all of her books from research and study. She studies archaeology and history to channel a more realistic approach to the plot of her stories. She died after complications in surgery on June 15, 2013. Before her decease, she lived in Prescott Arizona. This town is near where Walker of Time is set.

Walker of Time is a novel about Walker Talayesva, a Hopi Indian boy who travels back in time. He goes there because to see how life was lived long ago and to fulfill his destiny. This book is set in Flagstaff Arizona on an Indian reservation. …show more content…

Next, Walker is zapped back in time with his new acquaintance, Tag. Then, Gray Wolf, the antagonist in this book, attempts to convince people that Walker, the protagonist, is a witch who caused the plague currently endangering his people. Finally, Walker learns that Lone Eagle, the currently dying chief, is his father. He then becomes chief of the tribe since he is the next in line. The central conflict of this book is that Lone Eagle, the chief, is dying which will leave his people without a leader in a time of chaos.

The part of the book I found to be most interesting is around page 172 when Walker explains to Tag how it is possible for Lone Eagle to be his father. I find this particular part interesting because the readers know the whole story and the story makes more sense. Walker describes the story in vivid detail which makes the story much more enjoyable. As he is telling the story, the loose ends will all resolve in the readers minds. This explanation also cools the suspense created by the last chapter. As it says in Walker of Time, “Hearing Tag retell the story that Singing Woman had told him as he had sat next to his father seemed to be helping to confirm things in Walker’s mind.” Throughout the story, the author leads up to this part gradually. Subtle hints are dropped that do not make much sense until this part in the book.

Personally, I enjoyed Walker of Time. I found it engaging, exciting, and well-written. One reason I liked this book is because it

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