Analysis Of Waylon Smithers 's ' A Twisted And Heartless Billionaire '

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In the case study, Waylon Smithers is becoming increasing concerned with the behaviours of his employer Mr Burns. Waylon Smithers explains how Mr Burns is becoming “too difficult for him to handle” and suspects that Mr Burns may suffer from a personality disorder. Burns is described as a “heartless, greedy and exceptionally ugly” that makes “Ebeneezer Scrooge seem downright lovely.” The case study explains how at a young age, Burns was sent to live with his Grandfather, “a twisted and heartless billionaire” and suggests that this may have had a long lasting impact on the behaviour of Mr Burns.
Evidence from the case study suggests that Waylon Smithers is correct in thinking that Mr Burns may have a personality disorder, more specifically; it appears that Mr. Burns’ is suffering from psychopathy. Psychopathy is an antisocial personality disorder, previously known as both a psychopathic and sociopathic personality disorder. This disorder is more frequently diagnosed in males than it is in females. Buss (1966) described psychopathy as “a personality disorder in which there is no capacity for love or true friendship; a lack of insight, guilt or shame; an inability to control impulses; unreliability in fulfilling obligations; pathological lying; thrill seeking; disregard for the conventions we hold in society and antisocial behaviour” (as cited in Patrick, 2005). Burns is described as a self-interested individual who has no regard for the welfare of others; he has an
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