Analysis Of William Shakespeare 's Othello

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Mandi D?Antonio
Ms. Boyle
English 10 Seminar
January 7, 2016
To a Discerning Eye One characteristic often associated with insane behavior is madness. On the other hand, novelist and playwrights usually see madness with a discerning eye and see madness covering a deeper characteristic in a person. Iago appears to demonstrate insane, mad behavior, but a discerning eye reveals otherwise. Iago?s manipulation over people leads to the death of Roderigo, Desdemona, and Othello. In Othello, by William Shakespeare, Iago?s jealousy over not being lieutenant is mistaken for madness and portrayed through irrational behavior. Firstly, Iago poisoned Roderigo?s thoughts to try and win Desdemona over, which in the end brings him to his untimely death. Iago provokes Roderigo to sell all his things and give his money for Iago to hold, to win over Desdemona when it is time to:
I could never better Stead thee than now. Put money in thy purse. [?] Put money in thy purse. These Moors Are changeable in their wills-fill thy purse with Money. [?] Therefore, put money in thy purse. [?] Make all the money thou canst. If Sanctimony and a frail vow betwixt an erring Barbarian and super subtle Venetian be not too hard
For my wits, and all the tribe of hell, thou shalt enjoy Her. Therefore, make money. (I.iii.334-354).
Iago convinces Roderigo that his money can buy Desdemona and to put his money in Iago?s hands and follow Desdemona. Iago turns Roderigo?s virtue into vice and…
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