Analysis Of William Tennyson 's ' Lord Of The Flies '

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After careful analyzation, the title is what it was thought to be. Initially when reading the title, it gives off the impression that something will break or will already be broken. This is clear in the poem after reading as the speaker and his emotional state are hurt due to the loss of a loved one. The speaker’s life, and emotional mind is broken for he cannot express himself due to his loss. In this way, the title is deemed fit and gives further insight as it shows clearly now that the speaker is truly broken.
When the speaker is compared next to Tennyson’s life, one can make several parallels. For example, The “vanish’d hand” and the “voice” are likely the speaker’s loved one who has passed away. Thus, the speaker cannot seem to find happiness anymore as life seems to keep moving as he stays remorsing about the past’s tragic incident. Tennyson lost his father and best friend within the length of two years, which led him to write this piece. He puts his same emotions into this as he too did not know how to cope with the losses at hand. Similarly, he was surrounded by life moving on, being full of happiness, as he slunk down and carried the burden of remembering his loved ones. Hence, he truly felt at one point that the “tender days” would never make a return in his life.
Altogether, the themes of this poem are clearly death and coping with it as the speaker fails to do so. This can be attributed to the problem that life will always continue on, not waiting for…
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