Analysis Of Winnie Lonely

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Lonely Page 13,14,15 it states “Winnie Foster sat on the bristly grass just inside the fence and said to the large toad who was squatting a few yards away across the road, “I will, though. You'll see. Also on page 14 it also states, “She made a game of it anyway, tossing pebbles at such an angle that they passed through the gnat cloud on their way to the toad. On page 15 it also states why Winnie foster is lonely because she is telling the toad why should you have to be cooped up in a cage, too? She is basically saying why do u have to be locked up to and have no freedom. And on page 13 I picked that certain detail of why she was lonely because it states she is outside sitting on the grass and inside a fence and she is talking to a toad this shows she is lonely because she had nothing to do and she is talking to a toad which is not human. Also on page 14 i picked that specific detail because it also showed Winnie being lonely because she made a game of tossing pebbles at such an angle and she like doesn't have anything else to do on her spare time but throwing pebbles this could show that she has no friends hanging out with her or coming to talk to her.
Caring Page 132 it states “It's my toad,” Winnie told him. So you'd better leave it alone.’ And then, on an impulse, she turned and ran into the cottage, up to her room, to the bureau drawer where she had hidden Jesses bottle the bottle of water from the spring. In a moment she was back again. The toad still squared where

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