Essay Analysis of Anthem for Doomed Youth

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Wilfred Owen the son of Tom and Susan Owen was born on March 18, 1893, in Oswetry, England. He was educated at the Birkenhead institute and at Shrewbury Technical School. At the age of 17, Owen began to show an interest in arts, and poetry. He worked as a pupil teacher at the Wyle Cop School while he was preparing for his exam to attend the University of London. After he failed the entrance exam he worked as an English teacher in the Berlitz School in Bordeaux.
Wilfred Owen was a famous British war poet in World War I. The horrible violence of war turned Owen into a poetic genius. In a two-year period during the war, Owen published only four of his poems, and grew from a negligible minor poet into a famous English-language poet. His
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It highlights the huge and crazy sacrifice that the soldiers gave. This opening line is an example of how Owen asks the questions of the reader in order to make them think more about the poem.
‘Only the monstrous anger of guns.’ Is the answer to this question, describing what the soldiers received. Through personification the guns responsible for taking so much human life are made out to be evil. The image that is created is that there is massive destruction and a force of exploding shells. ‘Guns’ is a loud and rhythmic word, creating the impression that war is fierce, like a monster.
‘Only the stuttering rifles’ rapid rattle can patter out their hasty orisons,’ are two effective lines that imply that instead of prayers, the soldiers received the firing of bullet.’ Stuttering’ is onomatopoeia to add the sound into the image that is formed in the readers mind. It also implies that the sound was not fluent, Alliteration is used on the ‘r’ sounds to emphasise the sounds of destruction that were occurring.
‘No mockeries no prayers nor bells nor choirs,’ is the opening to the second quatrain and illustrates the horrific way in which these soldier departs from this world and they do not even receive basic objects that would be expected in a traditional ceremony. Instead, these soldiers who have dies fighting for their country received ‘The shrill demented choirs of wailing shells and bugles.’ ‘Shrill’ is
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