Analysis of Beach Burial

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Analysis of ‘Beach Burial’ Kenneth Slessor’s poignant poem, ‘Beach Burial’ contemplates on the improper and unfair burial that the Australian soldiers, who were at war with the Germans during World War 2, receive as a result of the fact that they could not get back home. The main idea that the poet was trying to get across was that as a result of the soldiers not being able to get a proper burial, they are not able to be recognized and are considered to be just another casualty of war: without honor or recognition. The poem emphasizes sadness on the completely useless waste of life; they are simply left how they had died and are now cared by only nature. In the poem, it appears as if these men are soldiers fighting a war at …show more content…

Even though they do this in “bewildered pity,”(11) because of their lack of understanding for the purpose of war, they have the decency to show respect for the men by making tombstones from “crosses”(9) and “tidewood”(9) without questioning it, this showing how Slessor has not completely lost faith in mankind. He contemplates on the

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